Wells Fargo Advisors

Helping Clients Succeed Financially

Led creative design team in digital transformation of marketing team for national headquarters in St. Louis.

  • Developed comprehensive video communication strategy to engage new clients on financial advice.
  • Created strategic plan for Board of Directors to better understand “best practices” for communication with new audiences.
  • Coordinated internal and external teams to overhaul 10-year-old website, using Kanban room to engage stakeholders and smooth implementation of the complex process.
  • Launched monthly education sessions to open communications between internal design teams and company leaders.

In collaboration with Fahrenheit Studio, we produced 9 videos that would focus on encouraging millennials to save for retirement.

The green screen stage was used for animated film backdrops.

Directors Cut videos can be seen here. Ask for the password.

Office scene - with a nod toward The Office's sense of humor.

Link to film 1


Link to film 2

Home scene - that incorporated more humor into the storyline.

Link to film 3


"I had the pleasure of working with Ron at Wells Fargo Advisors. His creativity was instrumental in helping us to think through our approach to Content Strategy. Always willing to challenge the status quo, Ron, will bring a fresh perspective to each problem presented."

Anne Drozda, Vice President, Enterprise Marketing Strategy

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