Lunar Mission One & Lunar Mission Everyone

United Kingdom's first mission to the moon - Chapman University, California

Lunar Mission One integrates science and exploration to excite, inspire, and engage a generation to create a 'Life on Earth' archive below the Moon's surface - to last for a future generations to discover.

Lunar Mission Everyone will excite, inspire, and engage a generation to create a global archive of life on earth and will empower the global youth to capture the imagination of the world with the inspirational stories of their everyday lives.

Our design process always begins with ideation execises; using key words, and lots of tish & fat-markers.

Identifying deliverables to be branded globally

Archie was developed as a brand ambassador


"I would very much like to express my deep appreciation for the work that Chapman has done for Lunar Mission One. The students have created superb visual branding material for us to use. The results look remarkably professional and we are in the process of introducing it all to the public. Working with your students has been a wonderful experience and they themselves have clearly been stimulated by the opportunity."

David Iron, Founder

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