Laughing Kookaburra Wines

Have A Laugh™ - Australia

My client was importing a low-priced Australian wine into the U.S. marketplace and faced the challenge of competing in a crowded industry. The strategy we developed called for a low price point that would encourage sales among the target audience, but a brand identity that would stand out as fun, engaging – a wine to be enjoyed every day of the week. Taking its name from a popular children’s song, our creative approach celebrated the Australian source for these wines, and encouraged customers to “have a laugh” and celebrate the wine with good times and good friends. Our unique packaging not only attracted the eye of consumers, but offered exciting opportunities for ‘end-cap’ displays in retail environments. This unique quality made it easier for our client to address the needs of distributors.

Rough concept; show me a bird laughing his ass off.

Refining the big idea

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"Ron is a creative force. He possesses that unique blend of knowledge, vision, and gusto characteristic of those who make things happen in the world. He sizes up a situation, tackles every challenge with an open mind, and shares the joy of the hunt and credit of the catch with all who’ve held on for the ride."

Howard Phillips, CEO

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