House of Blues

Live music concert halls and restaurants - embracing the roots, culture and food of American juke joints.

When the new Las Vegas HOB opened, the faced the challenge of extending the existing brand image into the region, beginning with an editorial spread in a prominent magazine. Brilliant photography was selected as the best tactic for calling attention to the House of Blues brand, while positioning the Las Vegas venue as unique among its sister locales. Research about the spirit of American juke joints led to visual imagery that perfectly captures the vibe promised by the House of Blues brand. Our journey down the Blues Highway pleased our client, and the art direction and photography we developed continued to express the House of Blues brand with each new location that opens.

Top Left: Where it all began, Harvard Square. Bottom: Chicago's iconic concert hall, designed like an opera house - for rock-and-roll. Right: Taking advantage of the alligator farm that was next door to the Myrtle Beach House of Blues.


"My heart felt responsibly in participating in the design of the early HOB units was daunting.

  • The culture of the Blues was being celebrated
  • The origins of that culture was historically significant
  • The process of creating the venues was a constant deliberation of both the above
  • The result was a testament to that deliberation.

Work in progress..."

Si Teller, Architect

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